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California Air Tools 6310 Compressor – The Best Portable Air Compressor to Do it All

Image 1It is never easy to find the best air compressor unit that is suitable for different applications. You have to consider a number of important aspects before making a choice. The California Air Tools 6310 is an outstanding choice because it produces enough air (CFM) to operate specific air tools in a proper manner. It’s still finding its way with consumers, but definitely enjoys a good reputation for being a portable oil-free compressor. Although it is aimed at people who need an appliance for small applications such as nail guns, tires pumping, etc., it comes with a powerful motor of 1.0 HP that makes it suitable for small-to-medium applications. It’s the best portable air compressor suitable for many.


The best air compressor for the money with good specifications:

This is quite a portable compressor with a weight of 50 pounds, a handle for lifting, and measurements of 23.6 x 13.3 x 24 inches. It is corded-electric powered with a potential of withstanding 8A and bulb working in a 110-V voltage. Noise level is up to 60dB, but it comes with 1.0HP that enables it to go up to 120 PSI of pressure. Airflow capacity (3.8 CFM) is impressive as well for air compressors in this category.  It uses an oil-free dual piston pump that works quite well to produce cleaner air for improved tool operation. The use of cast aluminum cylinders, dual valve plate design, thermal overall protector, and low amp draw make it quite useful to perform regular tasks.


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The Upside of Buying the best portable air compressor for Your Home

best portable air compressor

best portable air compressor

Considering the specifications, it becomes evident that the 6310, the best budget air compressor, is a quiet and portable compressor for buyers. Since the noise level is 60dB, you can rely on this compressor for overnight uses. Similarly, the portability is an added benefit – it’s lightweight and can be used anytime, anywhere. Here are some other reasonably good features found in this particular product:


Impressive Tank Pressure

With a tank pressure of 120 PSI, it can store more air and provides a longer running time. It’s quite impressive considering many other compressors in the similar price range only hold 90 PSI. Therefore, this particular unit can easily run air tools and finish different jobs with ease.

Air Delivery

No compressor can deliver good performance unless it uses an effective delivery system. It becomes even important when using pneumatic tools. This unit offers provides 3.8 CFM @ 40 PSI, which makes it perfect for most tasks.

Tank Size

Yet another consideration is the size of tank, and this unit impresses its users in this regard as well. With a  6.3-gallon air tank, it is obvious that it will take a lot longer to reduce the compressed air, which in turn will provide you more time to finish a task before the unit needs recharging.

Oil-Free Pump

This unit comes with an oil-free dual pump, which makes it possible to operate it in different temperatures – it can last up to 3,000 hours and perform equally well in cold weather.

Powerful Motor at Your Service

1680 RPM is the reason why the unit creates less noise, but the motor is quite powerful for the size of this unit. You will have in your hand a unit with 1-HP 110-V motor that lasts longer produces less vibrations, and come with low amp draw – it comes with 7.6 amps as well thermal overload protection.

Efficient Central Controls

The presence of two separate gauges for tool pressure and tank pressure makes it extremely easy to use. You can easily use a ¼-inch connector to change tools quickly and effectively. Above all, people will find it extremely simple to use ball drain valve on this unit.

Water Trap Feature

In addition to its powerful motor, large tank, quiet operation, this unit offers an outstanding feature – it uses a water trap system that removes moisture from the air and allows tools to last longer.


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Best air Lightweight compressor Effective for a Variety of Tasks

The users who want to use it for small applications like sandblasting furniture will find it quite useful. Those who have used it already like the fact that it comes with a 6-gallon tank and maximum pressure rating of 125PSI. It drains quickly, especially when you use it constantly – it fills quickly as well and takes less than 90 seconds from a dead stop. This makes it suitable for sandblasting furniture.

People have found it to be the best portable air compressor to spray primer on small-sized projects, and they’ve found it work amazingly well. It catches up well when trying to complete a small project – you can even paint a bike with utmost ease.

It may also be a sound option for a dental lab technician, but it would make more sense to place it in a closed room, may be away from the dental treatment rooms. Even though dental hand pieces don’t usually require high pressure to turn them on, this compressor can work well in this situation and is good for indoor use, especially for the fact that it doesn’t smell at all.

It may come as a surprise to many but people have actually used it for air ratchets. It works amazingly well when used to airbrush, but it offers other impressive benefits as well. The only consideration is that it is suitable for short bursts when used for air ratchets; therefore, it makes more sense to use it when assembling pool tables.

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Interesting Things Users Have to Say about the Unit
California Air Tools 6310 Compressor

California Air Tools 6310 Compressor

The California Air Tools air compressor has maintained some positive reputation, all thanks to its nice specifications and features. The ultra-quiet operation is one of most praised parts, and the fast recovery time also makes it quite popular with home users. And of course, it’s the best portable air compressor out there. Those who have used it find it a decent compressor – they even say it delivers good performance and is quite close to as they advertise. It isn’t louder than a regular clothes washer– some find it better than that because they can still talk to others and understand what they say while operating the compressor.


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So, Is It All Good Here or Something May Put You In Trouble?

Here, it is important to point out that some users have also found small glitches in operation. Some consumers still maintain that it’s the best portable air compressor, but they have highlighted certain issues with the gauge – some have even found the gauge to be inaccurate at times. However, it turned out that the issue was limited to only a few units had this small glitch, and customer service quickly resolved the issue – they even made replacements and ensure that people keep receiving exceptional support.

Another issue people face is that the unit doesn’t perform well when they use it for larger applications. The reality is that the unit is originally designed for smaller tasks – you need a larger volume compressor for the winterizing process, heavy air ratcheting, and stuff like that. For specific tasks, you may have to invest on a California Air Tools compressor that comes with a larger tank.


Overall, there isn’t a serious issue people found in this compressor; in fact, they’ve found it a great purchase. It is quite suitable for those who need portability in a compressor. It’s quiet as well and is available at reasonably low price; in fact, many have found it to be the best cheap air compressor with such low noise levels. Just be sure to determine your needs first and then put your money on this air compressor.