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Kensun AC DC Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Your car’s needs are growing substantially over time. Nowadays, everybody wants to stuff their trunk with useful accessories that they can use with in time of different needs. One major issue that people have with car is a flat tire. It can be very frustrating to get a flat tire in the morning when you are late for work. In this situation, a portable air compressor can be a great tool, and this one from Kenson is a must-have.


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This one is a heavy duty air compressor which can be powered using your car’s 12V power source. The system is powerful enough to fill your flat tire with air in no time.

Why this portable air compressor is the best option?

There are a number of uses associated with this system which makes it a resourceful item for car owners. Using the 12V power source in the car, it can pump with a capacity of 40 PSI. This is enough to ensure power and allow your tire to fill with air in a short time. The air flow speed is measured at a rate of 11 liters per minute, which is great for all sizes of vehicles.


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Heavy Duty Air Compressor

The convenience just never ends with this product. This unit comes with a sturdy and long cord of 9 feet and 10 inches which is equivalent to 3 meters. This is long enough to reach all four tires with ease from the power source. The system is useful for cars, RVs, bikes, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and also more. Also, it can also be used for filling air in all types of athletic balls with utmost ease and convenience. The versatility of the device can also be seen when it fills air mattresses, rafts, toys, beach toys, pool accessories, etc. All this versatility is possible with its useful 3 nozzle adapter which makes tough jobs easy.


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