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Makita MAC700 Review

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Air compressors are a great product for a number of reasons. They are versatile and can serve people with a number of tasks. There are a lot of systems for commercial or industrial use as well. Industrial ones are a bit more powerful and are capable of handling a lot of complicated tasks with ease. The Makita MAC700 Big Bore is an excellent option for industrial use. It is a sturdy system which guarantees long-term usage with peace of mind for the user. You can trust it to do a variety of tasks that can be required in any type of industry.


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The users however, are advised to make a serious decision and evaluate the product before making a purchase. The Makita MAC700 review is worth reading, and is something you can easily find over the web. It will give you all information regarding the product. This review will help the potential buyers in the same capacity.

Makita MAC700 Review

Makita MAC700 Review


Why this one from Makita is a useful option for the industrial buyers:

There are a number of advantages to this product. It is powerful to say the least. It is made from cast iron which makes it a sturdy unit and very suitable for industrial needs on a larger scale.

The system is apt for industrial use, but is extremely quiet. It has an RPM pump of 1720 which enables better displacement at a lower RPM. This is a very safe system to use. The low amp draw lowers the tripped breakers and also the voltage drop which may otherwise cause a premature failure of the motor.


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The oil lubrication cools the running pump which creates minimal wear and tear. The motor is very powerful with a horsepower of 2.0. The increased compression along with a well-engineered pump creates better performance, which is great for heavy industrial uses.

It has a unique design which makes the system applicable in a number of industrial applications. The high output also comes with low tension. The 1 year warranty of the system makes it even more desirable to purchase.

The downsides of the system:

It has some downsides which you should take into account before buying it.  The compressor is durable, but a bit too heavy if you are looking to install it at different places for different uses. The pressure of the air compressor drops considerably after using it for just 20 seconds, which can bring worry to people who are making large investments in heavy duty jobs.


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