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VIAIR Air Compressor – 450C has Everything Going in Its Favor!


Best Tire Air Compressor

Best Tire Air Compressor

It is still quite difficult to find the best air compressor brand to make a perfect purchase. It’s not because there are limited options available, but it’s quite the opposite – so many brands have made things confusing for the buyers. However, some brands have definitely managed to build positive reputation, and VIAIR is one such name. VIAR compressors are currently being loved, liked, and used around the world, in the harshest environments from the Deserts to the Arctic, from Africa, Europe, Asia to North America, and even in Australia. VIAIR 45040 is yet another nice offering from this company, which has already rated as the best air compressor for repair tires.

It is true that when you’re on the trail, you will require the gravel-gripping traction that will come from an under-inflated tire. To drive back home, you will have to think differently because flats won’t take you far. The simple solution is to mount a VIAIR air compressor 400 series to your rig because it comes with enough power to fill up your tires from flat to around 30psi in a couple of minutes.


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Interesting Features of the Best Price on Air Compressor from 400 Series

From pumping up aquatic toys to running air tools, your VIAIR compressor will handle everything. It is worth mentioning that almost all VIAIR 400 series air compressors are designed to withstand tough working conditions and 45040 is no exception here. It uses a high-performance PTFE piston ring and even come with a thermal overload protector and stainless steel valves to provide you with the best performance.

Viair 4

Mounted and Powerful

With a total weight of 11 pounds, you can handle it with ease, but keep in mind that it isn’t like other portable units because it’s primarily a mounted system. This small unit can manage consistent, powerful, and fast air delivery, with maximum working pressure of 150PSI and 20AMP draw.

Enjoy High Quality Components

The use of top-notch components turns it into the finest VIAIR air compressor around. It comes installed with PTFE piston ring and anodized piston cylinder. The presence of precision high-speed durable bearings further adds to its quality and performance.

Reliable Performance

The use of direct-drive 12V electric motor, installed in sealed housing, enables it to deliver the best performance. Thanks to its oil-less design, it becomes quite suitable for indoor use.

Works in All Temperatures

With its efficient heat sink head assemble, it is easy for the unit to perform well in different temperature settings. It provides improved heat dissipation and delivers optimum performance in environments from -40° F to 158° F.

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One of the Finest Kits Around

VIAIR 45040 450C air compressor kit comes wit mounting hardware with highly useful vibration isolators, remote mount air filter assembly, freeze-resistant wiring, heavy-duty terminals, air line for easy mounting air filter, and much more.

Added Features

It also provides thermal overload protection, which is of immense importance to save compressor from serious damage in case of overheating. Similarly, the right use of a high performance check valve plays a great role in eliminating restart pressure on piston and head. Stainless steel braided hose and heavy-duty mounting feet with reinforced vibration isolators are other interesting features in this VIAIR air compressor.

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What Users Have to Say about VIAIR Air Compressor

People opt for on-board air systems for a variety of uses – they use it for mobile repair vans or trailers, use it for filling big RV or ATV tires, and so on. Due to a continuous duty cycle compressor, which is rated at the rate of 150 PSI, it is provides support you need to use different pneumatic tools. People who have used it have positive things to say about this compressor.


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Use without a Tank

Many users will love the fact that they can use this particular unit without a tank. However, you need to bear in mind that if you need pressure and volume simultaneously or you require relatively low gradual flow of air to create pressure, you will be better off using a tank. Moreover, the tank you use will help to ballast the system.

The Maximum Power

A large majority of users have also talked highly of its ability to fill a 2-gallon tank. It usually takes up to four minutes to fill a 2-gallon tank up to 75PSI. Some users have also mentioned using it after locking out the suspension draw – this will help fill the tank from empty in a few minutes only.

Overall Views

Most users love its compact size and acknowledge the fact that it comes with powerful magnets in motor, which any one can feel even by touching the outer side of the case with steel bar. Another feature is that you can mount your air compressor out in the elements with nothing to worry about, but it’s a good idea to ensure that you’ve connect the intake port to a clean location. You may even consider piping them to the truck cab to make sure it absorbs partially dehumanized and cleaner air. Overall, the compressor enjoys positive reviews with a high rating.


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Is it Just Perfect for Everything You Want To Do?

Something, people usually don’t like about the unit is that it doesn’t come with a plug for a vehicle where you have a 12-V outlet. Therefore, you will have to wire it in. Many users have bought it and tried it to run high-demand air tools, and failed. It is important to understand that VIAIR 450C is only an entry-level unit, which means it works perfectly well for topping off RV tires or a small MX race setup, but you just cannot push it too hard.

It is therefore important to consider your needs and requirements before you put your money on an air compressor. While 450C is a compact size, best cheap air compressor, it has its limits. To run repair tools and perform high-demand tasks, you will have to look for larger units with more power.

Why Putting Your Money on VIAIR 45040 450C Makes Sense

Considering the features and experience the users have with this unit, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that VIAIR air compressor 45040 450C offers the best value for your hard-earned money. It comes with a maximum working pressure @ 150PSI, and CFM @ 100PSI – 0.94. The pressure is enough to fill your tires and perform other tasks in a few minutes only. Its oil-less design, powerful PTFE piston ring, and 100% duty cycle makes it one of the finest choices in this price range.

Just bear in mind that this VIAIR air compressor is designed to cater to the needs of a particular segment, so it makes sense to first determine how you’d be using the unit and make a choice accordingly. For faster, larger, and more powerful units, be sure to check our other air compressors.