Porter Cable Pancake Compressor – A Durable, Portable, and Effective Unit for SCFM AIR Tools

Best budget air compressor

Best budget air compressor

Porter Cable is an American company that enjoys positive reputation for offering some high quality power tools. They have already introduced some highly impressive, portable belt sanders, band saws, and compressors. One of their finest offerings is PCFP02003 pancake compressor. The Porter Cable Pancake compressor is quite portable, lightweight, budget air compressor that produces air delivery of up to 2.0SCFM delivered at the rate of 90PSI. It’s a reasonably good compressor that can support a variety of trim finishing nailers, and is suitable for general blowing, inflation, and smaller SCFM air tools.

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Interesting Features You Find in Porter Cable Pancake Compressor



Tank pressure is one the major aspect of an air compressor, and Porter Cable Pancake compressor is quite good in this regard. It helps in providing a pressure of 135 PSI. This can be high for a unit of this size and the competition can usually provide you a pressure of 10 to 15 PSI lesser than this one. The Porter Cable 135 PSI pancake compressor comes with a useful pressure gauge that helps you to allow and check pressure for safety.


Air delivery system can greatly affect the performance of an air compressor and for best performance, it is important to understand the CFM measurement. All the tools used on air compressor require some set amount of SCFM to work properly. You won’t be disappointed in this regard by opting for the best air compressor brand.


The Porter Cable Pancake compressor gives up to 0.8 horsepower, which tells how strong the motor is for your air compressor. It will also help you to get your job done easily especially for small size of units.


Tank Size of this pancake air compressor is 3.5 gallon. The larger the tank is the longer will be the run time of the compressor. Moreover, this Porter Cable 3.5-gallon pancake compressor enjoys a faster recovery process.


The pump of air compressor is significant to be discussed. The Porter Cable pancake air compressor unit has an oil free piston pump which is very durable and it favors you a lot because you don’t need much of maintenance with that. No refill is needed and you have no need to be afraid of leakage. In winters, your machine will start easily.


The power source of air compressors are usually gas or electricity. This is the best electric air compressor that it comes with a six-foot cord and has many advantages for its users. It can be used anywhere without any noxious fumes; all this allows you to use your machine in a closed space as well. That’s why many people believe that it’s the best machine for garages or workshops.


No one can bear machines in their homes with loud noises but you will be happy to know that this pancake air compressor runs at a sound of only 82 decibels. Although you may think it’s not as low as it should be, still it is reasonable as compared to others.


The length of this air compressor is 18 Inches; its width is 17 inches and the height is almost 18 and a half inches. This air compressor is very much light in weight which makes it portable for all places. Its weight is just 26 pounds.


There are multiple additional features of this best stationary air compressor. Above all, it is a compact unit and takes little space and can be carried anywhere due to its lightweight. The rubber feet works amazingly well and provide more stability. The Porter cable unit is compatible with many air tools, which render it to be perfect for a home improvement project. Lastly, the 120-volt motor of this machine provides enough power to carry out most of your tasks.


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What Turns it into a Reasonably Good Air Compressor?

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The Porter Cable 02003 Pancake compressor is still a new offering from the company, but it’s fast becoming a popular choice for people who are interested in getting a compressor that offers the best value for money. It is true that the compressor resembles its predecessors, the C2002 in particular, in many ways; however, the weight is a lot less than other similar offerings. What it means is that it is a good choice for those who are after a portable compressor. With a potential to deliver up to 2.0SCFM at the rate of 90psi, it is quite a powerful unit and stores enough air for you to complete different projects. It comes with a 3.5-gallon tank that provides enough juice to keep a single power tool running for long.

The presence of a durable oil-free pump ensures long life and saves you from worrying about its maintenance. It comes with a reasonably impressive motor that functions well in different temperature settings. Its 120v motor runs quite well, even if you live in low-temperature areas. Quite interestingly, it comes with a cut-off pressure of 135psi,  which means it will help you handle certain tasks with utmost ease, and it becomes even easy to use it due to its compact size and especially designed rubber feet that keep it stable no matter what.


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Are there any concerns as well?

Although there are many advantages of this air compressor, some users mention a few shortcomings from time to time. Many people always talk about the fact that Porter Cable Pancake compressor doesn’t handle large power sources well. That’s more of a limitation than a flaw because you should keep in mind that it is a small unit and it cannot perform bigger tasks. Some people also reported problem with its regulator, but since it comes with warranty this issue is resolvable. Lastly, some people feel the price should come down a bit. It may not be the cheapest out there, but you can still consider it the best budget air compressor out there. The price seems justified once you consider it in relation to the features it has.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that this highly portable compressor with a 3.5-gallon tank is going to help you complete most of your smaller tasks with ease. Its best features are its durable oil-free pump, a 12V motor, its low weight, and quiet operation – it only produces 82dBA. It will keep serving you well, but you have to understand that it has certain limitations and may not help you with tough inflation jobs. You may need a larger compressor that you can also find at this website. Nevertheless, it’s the best price air compressor with low weight and high performance that you can find in this category.

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